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The Winter's Tale
May 1st-5th, 2019 at the University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Adapted, directed, and produced Shakespeare's bewildering lat
e play with a group of entirely student artists. 
Production photos by Noelle Kirscht. Video by Michael Haubner.

The Winter's Tale featured the work of Jacob Badovski (Leontes), Nick Chiaverini (Florizel), Seth Campbell (Antigonus/Old Shepherd), Soap Curtis (costume designer), Bradley Johnson (Autolycus), Noelle Kirscht (stage manager/lighting designer), Ethan Lizotte (Mamillius/Young Shepherd), Katelyn Tseng McLane (Camilla), Helena Mueller (Paulina), Agatha Pokrzywinski (Hermione), Ellen Roubik (Perdita), Lila Sell (ASM/Board Programmer), Rachel Anne Brees (sound designer), Elina Walchuk (Mopsa/Time), Joel F. Wilshire (Polixenes), and Genevieve Wisdom (Emilia/Dorcas/Time). 


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