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Noble Minds
an original work, presented through The Wall Climbers Theatre Project
May 18th-25th, 2016
Inland Empire, CA


Part-Shakespeare, part original dialogue. Three minds - Cordelia, Ophelia, and Lavinia - neglected in favor of violence and decay, their three tragedies melding into one. One boy who dares to enter and listen, and one chance to reclaim a narrative that doesn't let good girls grow old. 

Produced through The Wall Climbers Theatre Project - an initiative to make theatre by, for, and about young people - in two different venues in Redlands and Riverside, CA. 



Excerpt from the director's note: 

"Live an exercise in brevity - there's something intoxicating about the transience of it, how it's different every time and then always a little too gone. I think these girls deserve another chance to breathe and be listened to, if only for this brief moment in time." 


Read more about the play and its purpose in this blog post

Read a press feature on the play here

Featuring Luca Azenaro-Acero, Eliza Convis, Ava Lalezarzadeh, and Madeline Wall. Poster design by Eliza Convis and Jill Kemp, dress rehearsal photos by Charles Convis, costume and properties design by Madeline Wall. 

From our audiences: 

"Intelligently thought out and presented with some major themes. Masterfully directed and energetically performed. If I could, I would see it again." 


"I was enraptured from start to finish, on the edge of my seat and transported by the fluidity of the language and the intricacies of the action. I could go on and on..."

"Astounding. Brilliantly written, directed, and performed by a powerful group of four...a force that is simply difficult for me to define and quantify. I felt privileged to be amongst this full house of wide-eyed spectators." 

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