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after the works of Francisco de Goya y Lucientes
by Joel. F. Wilshire

August 1st-15th, 2021 in the back woods of Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church
Saint Paul, MN

Developed and directed this brand new political fantasy about a coven of witches, a pair of nuns, and a possible saint who unwittingly collaborate to overthrow their local government during the Spanish Inquisition. 

Photos by Shane Morgan.

AQUELARRES was produced by The Birth Play Project via producers Patrick Brien, Emma Lai, Madeline Wall, and Joel F. Wilshire. The production featured the work of designers Rachel Anne Brees, Soap Curtis, and Robert McGrady, stage manager Rebecca Wickert, and actors Seth Campbell, Mel Fellows, Frankie Goodman, Olivia Kemp, Katelyn Tseng McLane, Anya Naylor, Antonia Perez, Dariana Elise Pérez, and Tia Tanzer.


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