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August 13th-21st, 2022 in the back woods of Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church in St. Paul, MN

Directed & produced Shakespeare's star-crossed love story with a company of majority queer and trans artists, transforming the play's ending to center survival, momentum, and queer joy. 

Photos by Naomi Cranston Haag. 
Romeo and Juliet was produced by BARd Shakes and featured the work of text consultant William Edson, marketing supervisor Kendall Kent, fight choreographer Tessa Dahlgren, stage manager Meghan Gaffney, assistant stage manager Gabbie Johnson, and actors Maje Adams, Gillian Constable, Mel Fellows, Amber Frederick, Sebastian Grim, Katelyn Tseng McLane, Jeffrey Nolan, Emily Rosenberg, and Tia Tanzer. 


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