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Mary's Wondrous Body

December 3rd-18th, 2022 at the Elision Playhouse
Crystal, MN

Wrote, directed, and produced this play with music about the life and lies of Mary Toft, the woman who purportedly gave birth to rabbits in 1726. 
Known by friends as the "rabbit play," Mary's Wondrous Body is a story about miscarriage, the ways community can fail, and the resilience of the childbearing body.  

Production photos by Emily Garst. 

Mary's Wondrous Body was produced through The Birth Play Project alongside producers Emma Lai, Patrick Brien, and Tia Tanzer. The production featured the work of lighting designer Uriyah Dalman, costume designer & stage manager Mariabella Sorini, stage manager Alissa Barthel, videographer Seth Campbell, and violence choreographer Tessa Dahlgren alongside actors Sarah Broude, Tessa Dahlgren, Isabella Dunsieth, Nick Miller, Gillian Ness, Emily Rosenberg, Laila Sahir, and Caleb Wagner. Composers Nick Miller, Joni Griffith, and Harrison Wade contributed to music. 

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