Madeline Wall


Greetings! Thanks for being here.


I am a Minneapolis-based theatre maker, writer, and aspiring researcher. I graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in May of 2020 (Plague Graduates, Unite!)


As a theatre maker, my objective is to create "birth plays": new theatre productions centered on childbearing bodies and guided by the principles of reproductive justice as defined by SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective.

As a writer and researcher, I am interested in the cultural, medical, artistic, and personal history of childbirth. I am interested in the modern schism between science and art, the development of Western obstetrical practices, and the representational practices in literature, art, and media that shape and are shaped by Western understandings of birth, wombholding people, and maternal mortality. I am interested in how living in a body with the potential to bear children effects identity development. 

I am also a freelance academic editor, endurance athlete, bookseller at Barnes & Noble, and aspiring educator. 

Words I cherish that have been used to describe my work: 

Precision. Joy-giver. Avenging angel. Heart-first. Siren-voiced. Enchanting. A force, difficult to define and quantify. The magic was there. 

Want to nerd out about Shakespeare, offer a book recommendation, hold me accountable for my professional actions, tell a birth story, etc.? Feel free to email me at

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Summer 2019: Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Performed in The Comedy of Errors (pictured), The Winter's Tale, and The Two Noble Kinsmen under the sky all summer. Photo by Shmuel Thaler.

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