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Madeline Wall

Greetings! Thanks for being here.
I am a writer and theatre creature based in Minneapolis, MN. I write and direct plays, and I also act and choreograph intimacy for the stage. My artistic research is centered on "womb stories," I produce theatre via The Birth Play Project (@birthplayproject on Instagram), and make my artistic home at the Elision Playhouse just outside of Minneapolis. 

This article, published in the May 2022 issue of the Minnesota Women's Press, is a great "I Am" Song for the work that I do. It's titled Placing Birth in Public Memory.

I also love staging queerness-as-transcendence, love Shakespeare, and have recently become comfortable calling myself a songwriter / lyricist. 

Words I appreciate that have been used to describe my work: 
Precision. Muscular. Enchanting, wickedly smart. Heart-first, siren-voiced, joy-giver, avenging angel. A force, difficult to define and quantify. The magic was there. 

RECENT NEWS: The Birth Play Project's adaptation of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure premiered at the Scott Reed Theater in Minocqua, WI in June of 2024. The production will make its Minneapolis debut in late September: follow The Birth Play Project @birthplayproject on Instagram for updates. 

To connect with me as a human, email! To inquire specifically about the work of The Birth Play Project, email

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