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Madeline Wall

Greetings! Thanks for being here.
I am a writer and theatre creature based in Minneapolis, MN. I write and direct plays, and I also act and choreograph intimacy for the stage. My artistic research is centered on "womb stories" and encompasses staging birth scenes - a feat for which I am working to develop a technical vocabulary - plays that center wombholding characters, and coming-into-being tales of a personal and/or communal / political / cosmic nature. I produce theatre via The Birth Play Project (@birthplayproject on Instagram) and make my artistic home at the Elision Playhouse in Crystal, MN. 

This article, published in the May 2022 issue of the Minnesota Women's Press, is a great "I Am" Song for the work that I do. It's titled Placing Birth in Public Memory.

I also love staging queerness-as-transcendence, love Shakespeare, and have recently become comfortable calling myself a songwriter / lyricist. 

Words I appreciate that have been used to describe my work: 
Precision. Muscular. Enchanting, wickedly smart. Heart-first, siren-voiced, joy-giver, avenging angel. A force, difficult to define and quantify. The magic was there. 

To connect with me as a human, email! To inquire specifically about the work of The Birth Play Project, email 

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