As Isabella in Measure for Measure

produced by Classical Actors Ensemble in Minneapolis, MN

directed by Diane Mountford


"His [Angelo's] is a classic case of not knowing oneself...contrasted by the poignant Wall's Isabella, the virginal target of his lust.

Wall is wonderfully brisk - always makes the text understood vocally without being rushed." 

-John Townsend, Lavender Magazine (full review here)

"With material like this you're not really looking for razzle dazzle. What you're looking for is powerful performances, and Diane Mountford has those - particularly from Madeline Wall.

In a confrontation with stomach-turning resonance, Angelo tells the devastated woman, 'my false overweighs your true.'"

-Jay Gabler, City Pages (full review here)

production photo by Lou Bedor III.